Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moderation for Memorial Day

I want to wish every one a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I know for many people this probably means plenty of parties, BBQs and drinks. There is nothing wrong in indulging as long as you are smart about it. There is no reason to restrict yourself, but moderation and self control are key. This year, where ever you go, test yourself. See if you can have just a little bit of everything you want. This way you feel satisfied, but without the guilt. Holidays are a time for fun, not for torturing yourself. You don't need thirty hamburgers, a family size bag of chips and a bottle of wine. Everything in moderation!!!!

I always say that diets don't work. They make it very difficult to have a social life. When you are at a restaurant, BBQ or party, the last thing you want to worry about is how many calories are in something or how many carbs you ate, or wondering if what your eating is too fatty. Focus on the real reason why you are there: Family, friends and fun! Diets are frustrating and difficult to stick with. So instead of dieting, I make Lifestyle Changes. These changes act as guidelines that allow me to eat smart and stick with me permanently. Diets don't last; but healthy changes to your lifestyle WORK!

So while enjoying your Memorial Day festivities here are some recommendations to help keep you on track:

-Don't pick at food!! It is so easy to reach into a bag of chips and grab handfuls at a time without realizing how much you are actually eating. Instead put a little bit of everything you want to eat on a plate, eat it, enjoy it and be done.

-Pick and choose your battles. If you know you want dessert, have less of something else or take the bread of your burger.

-Fill up on the good stuff: Before you eat any of the naughtier foods: meats, chips and fatty foods, fill up on healthy choices like salads, veggie platters (easy on the dip!) then move on the naughty foods. By filling up on healthy choices you will eat less of the bad foods.

Hope these help you navigate through your weekend! Enjoy :)


  1. Loving the tips to keep on track for healthy eating!!

    Welcome to the blogworld girl!! I look forward to reading!! Thanks for stopping by mine!!!!! xoxo

  2. Hey Tina! Congrats on the new blog! You must be very excited about graduating from IIN this summer! Have you met T. Colin Campbell, or seen his lectures there? I'd love to hear if there are any other books similar to China Study that you have read or heard about...I love reading all about nutrition as well! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Although I didn't see him speak live at IIN, I listened to the audio recording of this lecture. So much great information. It really changes the way you view things. There are so many great nutrition books, like Skinny Bitch which is SO funny and gives great info about the benefits of a vegan diet. The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier is good too! :)