Friday, May 28, 2010

My first post!

I'm very excited for my very first blog. I will be postings lots of great information on health, nutrition, fitness and plenty of other topics. I am currently studying for my certification as a Health Counselor with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I have developed this passion for health and nutrition several years ago and I have done so much research to learn as much as I can. Hopefully I can help others reach their health and wellness goals!

I feel that there is TOO much clutter when it comes to nutrition: The South Beach diet, Zone Diet (aka I want Jennifer Anniston's body diet), Atkins, Raw food, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Cabbage Soup Diet (aka 100 calories a day diet)...Its insane! Who can keep up with it? You can't even stay on one diet for a week without another new dietary theory emerging making you second guess the diet you're already on!

I'll make it very simple. All these diets are based on good information, but they take that information to an EXTREME. Any diet that eliminates an entire food group, or restricts calories or tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it, will NOT work. Basically, DIETS DON'T WORK.

So what does work? Easy, Listening to your body. How can someone tell you what to eat when they don't know you? Everyone is different and every ones body will respond differently, so you need to find what works for you.

Just to experiment I have tried many diets, High protein, low carb, low fat, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food, Macrobiotic, etc. And some of these made me gain weight, some made me have cravings and some actually made me sick. In the end, I found what works for me. I personally follow a mostly vegan diet. I became a vegetarian about 6 years ago and realized that my body just didn't agree with meat. Then about 2-3 years ago I decided to cut out dairy, and I felt even better. However, I would never tell anyone that they NEED to follow a vegan diet, because maybe that is not what is best for them.

Our bodies are smarter then we give them credit for. They know what they like and what they don't like. If you just pay closer attention to what your body is trying to tell you, you will start finding the balance that works best for you.

So this week I encourage you to stop listening to all these "diets" and start listening to your own body! So thats it for my first post, I have plenty of helpful information to share so enjoy :)

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  1. Hi Tina! Thanks for reading my blog, and welcome to the world of food blogging :] Hope to hear more from you shortly!