Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healthy Weight loss

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! This week I am going to focus on healthy weightloss tips. Summer is here and that means you want your body to be bikini ready! So I will be giving helpful tips to get your body in shape.

Let me just break the bad news right off the bat: THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL, POWDER, DRINK, FOOD, SUPPLEMENT, ETC! If there was, every one would have killer bodies!! So let me make this simple:

Starvation + Over-training (spending hours a day at the gym) = Unhealthy Weight loss. Not only does this method NOT LAST, it also leads to binge eating, hormonal imbalances and does a number on your metabolism. When you starve yourself your metabolism slows down and your body actually begins to store fat because it needs energy somehow.

Healthy Eating + Portion Control + Exercise = Healthy Weight loss

You can kill yourself at the gym spending hours on the treadmill, but its not going to get you anywhere if your eating habits aren't on point. You need everything to work together harmoniously to see results. Although I will say that what you eat and how much you eat play the biggest role in weight loss. Another part of this equation, which I purposely left out for now, is your mind and your thoughts. I will write a whole post on this later in the week, so look out for it!

Tip# 1 for getting results: Eat Breakfast!!
Get your metabolism going first thing in the morning with a healthy, balanced breakfast. What you eat for breakfast will set the tone for the rest of the day, so make a good investment! You want something with fiber from good carbs and some protein.

To give you a better idea, my breakfast is always one of the following:
-Power shake: the components vary day to day but it almost always includes: Protein Powder (Usually Rice protein), Fruit or 1T Organic Peanut butter, 1tsp Flaxseed oil (for Omega 3 essential fatty acids) and Greens powder or handful of spinach + Ice

-1/2 cup Steel cut oats with Cinnamon, Blueberries, 2T. Almonds, Stevia (or your NATURAL sweetener of choice) and a splash of Almond Milk

-1 slice of Ezekiel brand sprouted toast with 2T. Organic Peanut butter or Raw Almond butter

-Healthy cereal with Almond Milk (When I buy cereal I look for low sugar, high fiber and ingredients you can pronounce and example is Ezekiel brand sprouted cereal or Nature's Path optimum blueberry)

So go jump start your metabolism with a healthy breakfast!

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