Sunday, August 1, 2010

Health Fanatics Unite!

Today I went to check out a health fair that was on the boardwalk a town over from me. I went without any expectations, but I knew that it was more of a medical health fair than a holistic nutrition fair. Either way, anything involving health, nutrition and wellness, I am all over. So we get there, and there were a bunch of tents set up that had informational brochures and also were also offering free health screenings. People could sign up to get their blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat tested. I was a little bummed because there was only 1 nutritionist there and they didn't have much information on prevention, which is so important!! PREVENTION is the key. Leading healthy lifestyles and making smart choices NOW will help in the long run!

I am known to be a little bit of a "health freak," as I'm a little neurotic about what I eat, what I put on my skin, and making sure I stay away from all chemicals. However, I don't believe I am any worse than the next health-conscious person! Further more, if I am going to have a passion (obsession) for something, I think that my health is definitely a great obsession to have! I am sure when I am 60 and eating kale and broccoli by the pound and keeing up with all the youngings at the gym, I will thank myself for being putting my health first.

I'll admit it, I definitely tend to make weird noises when I see people eating fast food, fried foods, or highly processed JUNK; and nothing upsets me more than seeing overweight kids, or their parents who act as enablers by feeding them fast food dinners and keeping junk in the house. However, I squeal with joy when I see healthy options at restaurants or when I find a random hole in the wall health food store filled with people like me who want to take care of their bodies. Healthy makes me happy; and I was NOT happy when I saw the types of foods this "health" fair was offering. While people were waiting on line to have their screenings done, there was a mini buffet of hot dogs, potato chips and oreo cookies. I couldn't believe it! We are at a health fair and they are offering more JUNK to people? Yes, they did have apples and some other fruit as well, but the majority of the food was not something I would ever expect to see at a health fair. That is preciously the reason I chose to become a health coach. Unfortunately, many people who are just aren't equipped with the knowledge and the tools to make smart choices. That's where I come in; to help guide and navigate others to a healthier, happier lifestyle (and to secretly breed more health fanatics like myself!)

Going to this health fair only motivated me more to help others and share my knowledge! So, yes, I am a "health fanatic" and I am damn proud of it! Who's with me?!


  1. that is crazy the health fair had food like that?!!! What the heck are they trying to promote?!!! Crazy! I really want to help promote healthier eating in childern, especially at schools! Im glad you are such a health nut and live a healthy lifestyle, it really is the best for our bodies : )

  2. I am with you, girl!! I am a health fanatic, haha...and sometimes I can not help myself when I see people eating something just so horrible....I mean, I am all for "treat" meals...but there are some things we just shouldn't put in our bodies!!!!!