Thursday, August 12, 2010


For the longest time I was 100% against taking supplements. I didn't want man-made vitamins in my body. I truly believed that I could get everything I needed from eating a healthy balanced diet. It was a nice thought, but the more research I did, the more I realized how difficult it actually is.

I eat a plant based diet. So I eat vegetables. A LOT of vegetables. While I would like to think that my kale salads supply me with all the vitamins and minerals I need, I do not think that is the case. The soil that our foods are grown in were once rich, fully living and packed with nutrients. However, now from over use and added chemicals and pesticides, the soil is depleted of much of the vitamins and minerals making it much harder for us to get what we need from a plant based diet.

According to the Global Healing Center, "Agricultural practices are stripping the soil of nutrients with remarkable implications. They are devastating the nutritional value of crops, making dramatic changes at an alarming rate — in less than a lifetime, to be specific. As an example, the presence of Vitamin A has decreased from 41.1 to 100% in 6 items tracked, apple, banana, broccoli, onion, potato, tomato. Of them, both onion and potato saw a 100% loss of Vitamin A, in a 48 year span from 1951-1999."

Now don't get me wrong, kale from semi-depleted soil is still going to give you a TON more nutrition than say, a twinkie. A plant based diets are still the way to go; but how can we ensure that our bodies are getting all the nutrients we need?

Supplements. Trust me, it is STILL hard for me to say it. I still see my veggies as my multivitamins, but I do supplement for extra help. Keep in mind that all supplements are not created equal! When shopping for multivitamin & mineral products, make sure you get a quality whole-food based vitamin. No more flinkstone vitamins! You want you vitamins and minerals to come from plant sources, not man-made synthetic sources!

Supplements I take are a whole food multivitamin, b12, probiotics, liver support herbs (great for detoxification) and CoQ10 (for your heart and circulation).

What supplements do you take? Do you notice a difference, or do you think supplements are really just a placebos that supplement companies are banking off of?


  1. I take a multivitamin, omega 3 6 9, and I take probiotics too!!!!!!!!

    Hope you are well love!! xoxo

  2. The only thing I take are probbiotics, occasionally is B12, and Vitamin D in the winter when I don't get sun! Since I got my vitamin, and I can load a ton of veggies in there, I felt MUCH better than I did just eating foods loaded with Vitamins. I agree, it depends on your diet, and soils with pesticides are depleted of nutrients!!

    I want to say thanks for your amazing comment today, it really was very true and well put!

    I am planning on doing a post on fitness and vegan eating in the next week. I have a lot to say about it, and actually have a couple emails out to people that eat eat high raw vegan and compete in competitions, as well as a teacher I had that does not think a veg diet is the way, and was a competitor in fitness comps, also an RD, and did work with macrobiotics..I asked him what he thought and how he worked with vegetarian clients that were not willing to eat meat or processed soy products, hopefully he gets back to me!

    Have a great night!

  3. I feel the same way, but I too take supplements. Just a multi-vitamin to make sure I am getting enough of everything I need.

    Jen @ shesafitchick