Monday, October 25, 2010

Inside my grocery bag + a soup recipe

Happy Monday!

So, lets talk about grocery shopping. When I want to be economical, I will purchase the majority of my food at Trader Joe's and my local supermarket. However, they don't always have everything I am looking for, especially since I try and buy organic as much as possible. So when I can't find something I need, I will go to my local health store or to Wild by Nature (if you guys aren't familiar with it, it is very similar to Whole Foods, but doesn't have the bakery or the hot bar and they have slightly less options; but they still have most of my hard to find healthy products, for the same insane prices as whole foods of course!) I am very lucky to live less that 10 minutes away from all of these places. I don't go to Whole Foods as often because its A.) its pricey, B.) its about a 30 min drive for me and C). Wild by Nature has most of the same stuff.

Today I was running some errands and was close to Whole foods so I decided to go a little out of my way and make a pit stop. Here is what I got:

-Cacao Nibs
-Organic Steel cut oats (I ran out)
-Mary's Crackers (love them)
-Kardea bar in chai spice flavor (I have been wanting to try this bar forever)
-Some Ginger Granola from the bulk bins
-Tuscan White Bean Soup
-Packet of Almond butter
-Unsweetened Organic Rice Milk

Normally my grocery bag is 80% vegetables and fruits, and the rest is grains, beans, peas, hummus, and things like rice or almond milk. But I am not about to spend all that mula at whole foods when I can buy that stuff elsewhere for cheaper!!

I particularly bought the soup to make for dinner tonight since I knew I am going to go to the movies and wanted something fast and easy. Unfortunately, the soup tasted AWFUL and I was not about to settle on yucky soup for dinner. So I made a super quick and easy butternut squash soup with some pre-cut cubes I bought from trader joes. I followed this recipe, but only did half of it and used only enough water to cover the squash (I like my soups thicker). It was quick, easy and delicious!

Now, I am off to see The Social Network, I've hear good things about it! I'll let you all know how I liked it!

What do you normally buy at Whole Foods? How do you purchase healthy foods while staying on a budget?

Also, what is everyone doing for Halloween?! I want to hear what costumes you are all wearing!!


  1. i always buy my 365 milk and bananas at whole foods bc they're so much cheaper! random! and i love the stuff in the bins.

  2. right now the cacao nibs and steel cut oats are calling me! i love that u share ur grocery goods with us. i should probably do that more often- its so much fun to look at!! <3