Saturday, October 30, 2010

Staying Healthy on Halloween?

Is it possible to stay healthy on a day that is dedicated to overloading on sugar? Well assuming we are all a tad old to go trick or treating, we are still going to have candy all around us. So how to we enjoy the holiday without all the post-sugar guilt?

Made your own goodies- this is exactly what I'm doing! Instead of eating candy with tons of yucky ingredients, I am baking my own Halloween treats. I am baking pumpkin spice cookies and brownies for my boyfriend and I as well as to bring to a Halloween party and share with friends. I love to bake, and when I do I do not use any white sugar or flour, use almond or rice milk instead of dairy and use "flax eggs" or other vegan egg replacers. I would much rather eat yummy homemade goodies instead of candies with High Fructose Corn Syrup and other junk!

Pick the healthiest options. Find candies that have the cleanest ingredients. Have dark chocolate instead of milk and look for candies that are sweetened with organic raw cane sugar as opposed to white sugars.

Indulge, just a little. Pick one or two candies you really love and enjoy them, just don't go back for seconds, thirds or fourths! One piece of candy won't kill you!

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!!!

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