Sunday, October 17, 2010

Treat your body like your best friend

We are so busy listening to "health professionals," the latest diet trends, etc, that we forget to listen to our own bodies! Your body is far more capable of telling you what it needs, and it does so by constantly sending us signals. The problem is that we are not listening! Every time you get pains, aches, any discomfort in your body, etc, these are messages. Your body is saying, "Hey, listen up!" Unfortunately, most of the time we ignore or bush off these messages. We need to treat our bodies like our best friends. If a friend comes to you saying they are unhappy, or uncomfortable, hopefully you listen. Hopefully you give them compassion and understanding. Hopefully you help them and try and make them feel better. Your body is your best friend. It allows you to live your day to day life, digests the foods you give it (even the unhealthy junk foods!), and it does it's best to remove environmental toxins. However, just like a friend or spouse, if you do not take time to appreciate all the hard work it does and pay enough attention to it, you will not do what is in your body's best interest. So listen up! Treat your body with the same love and kindness you would treat a best friend or significant other. Stop looking outside yourself for the answers, and start looking within.


  1. I love the idea of treating your body like a best friend!!

    Dana xo

  2. This is such a good point. I would never treat a friend the way I treat myself and my body. Honestly, I wouldnt treat an ENEMY the way I treat myself. Not that I have any. Lol

  3. Great post! You are so right! We do need to listen to our bodies's smart, and tries to tell us when something is wrong, and 99% of the time people just blow it off!