Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time for Christmas & Staying Healthy through Winter

How was every one's Thanksgiving?!

Mine was very low-key and relaxing. I spent ALL morning cooking and baking and then went to my Aunt & Uncle's house. I made a Lentil Shepard's Pie, a Green Bean Casserole, Bread Stuffing, a Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cream cheese Frosting and an Apple Pie. And boy, was I WIPED! I mainly did this all for my boyfriend, cause I honestly don't care for Thanksgiving, I am a Christmas kinda girl! So I was secretly happy to get Thanksgiving over with, because that means we are closer to Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, today my boyfriend and I got a tree for our apartment!! I break out all our Xmas decorations and will be going shopping tomorrow for some more decorations, I LOVE Christmas decorating!

The weather has gotten FRIGID! So I am drinking lots of green juice and taking echinacea to keep my immune system up! Its also really important to listen to your body. Winter is a time for us to rest, stay warm and store up energy. So its important to eat foods to support your body during this season. Eat more Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Squash and other root vegetables. Also, cook foods longer and lower temperatures. Slow cooked soups, stews and roasts are perfect foods to warm the body. Lastly, make sure you're getting enough Vitamin D3 since you will be spending less time outdoors!

What changes do you make to your diet or lifestyle during the winter?
I focus on keeping my immune system strong with healthy foods and supplements. I also eat less raw foods and more soups and roasted veggies.

What is your favorite part about the holidays?
I love everything! The music, the decorations, baking Christmas cookies, the movies, the list goes on!

~xoxo Tina


  1. GASP! You don't like Thanksgiving....eeek! ;)

    I love both T-day and Xmas, but T-day is more about food so it wins in my book.

    I too am a big fan of soups, chili, etc when the weather gets cold. That and hot cocoa and chai lattes =)

  2. Oh, yes, hot cocoa & chai lattes are key ;)

  3. i'm so obsessed with xmas decor right now. target has the cutest stuff and i want it all!