Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morning Routine + Favorite Oatmeal

Morning loves!

This morning I woke up FREEZING. Someone put the heat down! And by someone, I mean my boyfriend. And by boyfriend, I mean man who secretly wants me to freeze to death! Luckily my morning routine usually warms me right up.

First thing every morning I drink a big glass of warm water. Yes, warm water. Many people don't find it appealing, but warm water is the best way to gently wake up your body after hours of sleep. So warm water it is! Some mornings I will drink lemon water, but that is not something I can drink warm. That's where I draw the line.

I use to shovel food in my mouth the second I wake up, but I realized that kind of "shocks" the digestive system, so after my glass of water I wait until I start feeling hungry, which usually isn't too long.

Breakfast lately has been smoothies, which is odd for me because it's been so cold out! Today, however, I was craving something warm, so oatmeal it was!

My favorite oatmeal:
1/3-1/2 cup oats (I use Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free)
1/2 mashed banana
dash of vanilla (I have Tahitian + Madagascar vanilla extract from the Arizona Vanilla Company, and well, it's life changing!)
1T Cacao Nibs
1/2 scoop Vanilla flavored protein (I am constantly switching protein powders, but for today I used Jay Robb)
Stevia or maple syrup to taste

I cooked the Oats, mashed banana and cinnamon together, then stirred in the vanilla and protein powder, added a few drops of stevia and topped it with cacao nibs. Delish, filling and so warming! Perfect winter breakfast!

I definitely needed a hearty breakfast because I am taking the Hard Core Total Body Class at my gym this morning and lets just say, this class is NOT for the faint of heart! It's an intense workout. I hate it will I am there, but am so happy that I went and always go back for more!

What are the things that you dread doing, but are always glad you did it once it's over? For me, its the Total body class + going to the dentist.

What are your plans for the weekend? I am going to drag my boyfriend with me to finish my Christmas shopping and then we will have a movie marathon and make a gingerbread house! I copped out and bought a kit, but the kit is still better than my original plan which was to use a milk carton and grahmn crackers like I did in elementary school!

My next post will be a giveaway! So stay tuned!

Don't forget to sign up for my Healthy through the Hoildays Teleclass!!

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