Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nature's Gatorade

Happy 2011!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's Eve! I spent the night dancing with my boyfriend and friends. It was a good time, but pretty tame considering we still managed to be in bed by 2am.

Don't let my "height" fool you. I was wearing 6 inch heels., and it is a miracle that I managed to dance, let alone stand, in them.

Don't let my outfit fool you either. It was a dress with a skirt over it. I had to put this outfit together because I didn't have time to buy a dress. Somehow, with a closet full of clothes (literally, overflowing), I still felt like I had nothing to wear.

And don't let that drink in my hand fool you. It was the only one I had the whole night, and I was quite impressed that I even finished it. I rarely drink and that 1 drink was all it took to make me "giddy."

Let's hope 2011 will bring better hair days for me. After 40 min of curling my hair, burning myself with the curler and using as much hair spray as the cast of Jersey Shore put together, my hair still managed to fall flat before we even left the house.

Anyone suffering from a post-NYE hangover? Try Coconut Water, it is nature's Gatorade. It has all the electrolytes you need to replenish your body. If the taste isn't for you and you can't drink it straight, use it as a base for your smoothies.

Hangover Cure Smoothie:
1 cup Strawberries
1 Banana
1 cup Coconut Water
Blend with Ice

other optional add-ins:
-all-natural Protein powder
-1T ground Flax seeds (for Omega 3 fatty acids and additional fiber)
-handful of Spinach or 1T of greens superfood powder (for a nutritional boost!)

I wish you all health and happiness in 2011!!

How do you deal with a hang-over?

How often do you drink? What is your alcoholic beverage of choice?


  1. Tina! You looked beautiful! I say your last minute pull off outfit rocked!

    I have the same problem, too many clothes, and never can find something to wear! So funny!

    Happy New Years!!! Thank you again for the giveaway! I am excited for my tea! xoxo

  2. Your dress is super cute!

    I love sauvignon blanc white wine for my drink of choice.

    Eggs, homefries and some OJ are my personal way of dealing with a hang over ;)

  3. I drink more..just kidding..that's something Snooki would say ;)

    I workout when I have a bit of hangover and of course drink tons of water!

  4. As much as I talk about missing wine and margaritas, I rarely do drink. Maybe one time a month?

    You look gorgeous in that pic!