Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trader Joe's Exposed!

I recently found an article on that compares Trader Joe's products with similar products made by other brands. There have been numerous times I recognized a Trader Joe's product that is identical to a product made by another company (just cheaper!). These two articles gives some examples of this:

Part One

One new Trader Joe product I noticed recently is their Baked Lentil Chips which are also made by the Mediterranean Snack Food Co.


I also buy Trader Joe's Brown Rice Wraps which are identical to the ones made by Food for Life brand.
What some of your favorite Trader Joe's "copy-cat" products?


  1. Wow! I had no idea! I don't shop at TJ's often (because it's expensive!), but some of their stuff I just LOVE! Pumpkin cream cheese, Island soyaki, and their homemade pizza dough (if I'm being too lazy to buy my own) are some of my staples! : )

  2. we dont have a trader joes but it reminds me a lot of some of the high end little health stores around the city that do the same thing!!! some people, like us, catch on..others unfortunately dont :(


  3. my fave trader joes copy cat recently is their seaweed snacks! Annie Chun makes them too but trader joes now makes them and they are yummy!

    Love ya girl! Im exhausted but wanted to say hello!!! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. Interesting!!!! I don't have a TJ's by me (sad face) so no comparisons!!!

  5. my fave trader joe's knockoff is the roasted veggie pizza that amy's makes.

  6. I love the brown rice tortillas - I eat them straight out of the bag. 1-2 every day. I think I'm addicted!

    I am going to look for the lentil chips - I haven't heard of them before but they sound delicious.