Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Weight loss Myth

Eat less + exercise more = weight loss, right? Not necessarily.

I cannot tell you how many people come to me, completely frustrated, because they feel that no matter how much they diet, or how hard they workout, they can’t loose weight.

When you start cutting calories by eating less and then burn even more calories by working out, at some point you will be burning more calories that you are taking in. This causes your body tp panic and go into starvation mode. You actually slow down your metabolism and instead of burning fat, you are actually storing fat!

So eating less and working out more can actually be counter productive.

In addition, many people will skip meals in order to “save calories.” However, having smaller meals throughout the day is the best way to keep your metabolism burning all day long. Starting with a healthy breakfast is great way to rev up your metabolism, “break the fast,” and set the tone for your whole day!

When I was younger I got caught up in all the popular diet fads (Fat free, Low carb, etc). Not only was my body starving for both calories and nutrients from real food, but I also wrecked havoc on my metabolism. I use to cut my calories, avoid all the foods I loved, and was a cardio junkie. Now, I eat whatever I want (90% of the time, I truly want healthy foods), I exercise because I enjoy it and don't consider any food "off limits," and I weigh less than I ever have and have been able to keep it all off effortlessly.

If I only knew then what I know now, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble!

Have you ever fallen victim to this weight loss myth?

What lessons have you had to learn the hard way?


  1. Diet myths are : p

    I just like to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, and yes I exercise because it feels good too, I dont drag my booty there , I love the feeling of a great workout : )

    Thanks for the congrats girl! Hope you have a gnite! xoxo

  2. great post!! i went through a phase where i wasn't eating enough, not losing weight, and just feeling like crap! now i just eat a lot more and am happy! :)

  3. I tell m clients the SAME THING> they don't understand why they plateau. Metabolism just shuts down. Thank you for posting this, such great information.

  4. This is such a good topic! I am constantly telling my friends that they actually need to eat MORE if they want to lose weight. They are starving their bodies, eating once or twice a day and still not seeing a budge in the scale. I think maybe you should have a talk with them ;)

  5. I absolutely had this happen to one point I wasn't eating nearly enough and the extra pounds were hanging on for dear life. But then I finally saw the light and started eating like a normal person again - I think my intake could still be a bit higher but I'm happy where I am!

  6. I deal with clients with this issue ALL THE TIME! It's hard and frustrating to try and convince them otherwise! Great post!

  7. yup and thank God another person is putting this truth out there for people to read. THANK YOU!
    When I was dealing with thyroid issues and allergies and weight gain a few years back, I went to see an endocrinologist who asked me what I was eating because I wasent losing weight. I told him I consumed around 900 calories a day and was even cutting THAT down and NOT losing. i was 5'6 and roughly 160 pounds at the time, give or take. Uno what advice this dumb doctor gave me? He said "well, then cut down even more, 500 a day because clearly u dont burn enough calories to lose weight on 900"! I knew at the time how rediculous that sounded and i said "maybe its because my body thinks its in starvation mode in the first place with how little im eating, maybe i should eat more!" then he said "well, clearly you are going to be obese in a few years if you have that train of thought!" ... so angered, i left his office and upped my calories to 1,200-1,400 a day and guess what (no surprise) I LOST WEIGHT! haha. but its always going to confuse people because on the biggest loser, the trainers still say eat less exercise more...which is fine in essence if one has never dieted or has metabolic problems... but for the general population, eating more is necessary to stop the body from staying in starvation-protection mode!

    ok i think ive typed too much haha. xoxo <3

  8. My weight loss myth is more like anorexia, my fad diets turned into that because my metabolism slowed and I was gaining and not losing, I wasn't even losing when I wasn't eating anything and exercising. Its been a year since then and I now lift weights and eat primarily whole foods, but I keep gaining weight at 1200c, people are telling me to eat more, but when I do I gain even MORE. They say I'm gaining because my body is still in like starvation mode. Not so sure about that.