Friday, February 25, 2011

Satisfying cravings

Happy Friday!

My boyfriend is obsessed with Mexican food. Although he is Italian and loves his pastas, he can eat burritos every single night of the week (I've seen him do it too). I on the other hand, am not really a fan of Mexican food, but surprisingly I have been in the mood for it lately.

My version of a taco(less) salad:
In the mix:
-Red onion
-Black bean
-Topped with homemade guacamole
-Cumin salad dressing (apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, olive oil + cumin)

I made the guacamole lower in fat by replacing some of the avocado with edamame. This also adds some extra protein.

Healthier (and vegan) quesadillas:
Brown rice wrap filled with organic refried pinto beans, black beans, about 2 tablespoons of salsa and cumin plus a side salad with shopped baby carrots, tomatoes & leftover guacamole.

What is your favorite type of cuisine? I love Mediterranean food since it is what I grew up eating, and I am also a big fan of Asian cuisine.
Has your taste changed from when you were younger? Mine definitely has! I use to eat processed foods and fast food, basically JUNK! Now I love natural, whole foods. Everything else just doesn't appeal to me!


  1. Yum! Thanks for the vegan quesadilla recipe :) I'm not vegan but i'm always up for anything! Mexican is HANDS DOWN one of my favs (had it last night...buahahah!)

  2. I cook pretty standard veggie-centric fare most of the time. When I want good Thai or Vietnamese, though- I get takeout. It never seems worth it to buy all of the ingredients when I know I can get a papaya salad that will taste like heaven and its only 5 dollars. I'm willing to spend money once in awhile if I usually cook at home.

    Your homemade guac looks awesome, too!


  3. Asian and Mexican are two of my favorites! How do you get the quesadilla to stick without cheese? I love guacamole! Can you post your recipe?

  4. The refried beans actually makes it stick, so no cheese needed! For the guacamole, I loosely followed this recipe:

  5. I defintely crave more fish now that I am older. More raw vegetables too. A good thing!
    Love the brown rice tortilla on the side. I do that too!

  6. Your bf sounds like W and I....although we loooove our Italian, we'll never say no to mexican-yuuuuuuummmy!